Who We Are

Yrs intuitions is a novel enterprise founded by the alumni of IIT Madras. We built the company out of sheer passion and house a set of very promising youngsters. We are the answer to your every social media need because we emphasize on networking as there is a definite need to create loyalty rather than to create just the need to build your business. That’s where we are radical. That’s why we work. We have grown by leaps and bounds from day one and every anniversary has brought with it surprises in making us grow- bigger offices, better teams.

since 2013,  Yrs Intuitions Consulting Pvt Ltd has been officially an IIT Madras incubated firm, our first big step to a great future.

Our vision:

To sustain by paying attention to detail and grow into becoming one of the biggest Social Media and Mobile Applications Development Firm in the world.

Our mission:

To be able to deliver to every kind of need in our field of passion. And to be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Our Values:

Passion: We love to work only because we do what we love doing. Passion drives us to work every day and keeps us going with great zeal.

Leadership: All the world’s best employees will have nowhere to without a leader. Yrs grooms good leaders not just efficient employees.

Collaboration: Collective genius has a comeback to every issue. we enjoy working with people that know what we don’t.

Team work: Our team is our strength. We can count on our team anytime to deliver.