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Strategy Formulation and Implementation

Consulting to the Core

Detect Design Deploy - The 3D Approach

The YRS' unique approach of Detection, Design and Deployment has enabled businesses across industry domains.At the first stage, the problems and pain points are clearly identified and the root causes are listed out. Our unique strategic check process do not allow the process to enter to the next step Design unless the problems and causes are tangibly defined.

The next step is the Design stage. Our team with 10+ years of experience in Strategy Formulation, empowered by Datamined Insights draft the solutions in optimised ways for effective implementations.

The third stage being the Deployement involves the timely plan of action. The implementation in horizontals and verticals are effectively handled by our Senior Profesionals.

Case Study 1- Vendor Governance Model

Implemented vendor governance model for the entire IT for a leading Insurance Player in US and made a cost savings of $196M for 2017 and $96M for 2016. Implemented a balanced scorecard for all the vendors irrespectible of finance, headcount across all 3 business sections services/hardware/sw licences

Case Study 2- Corporate Governance and Business strategy

Implemented management dashboards, 360 degree view of the organization for CEO & management , profitability improvement for a well known hospital in Chennai.

Case Study 3- IT Roadmap

Completely took over the IT Strategy and Operations of a FMCG giant (Fortune 100) for a 7 year comprehensive outsourcing deal being partnered as single vendor. Handled Due-diligence, Transition, Transformation and Steady-state with onsite offshore model.

Case Study 4 -ve Margin & Operational Issues

1) Instituitionalised the Standard operating process 2) Improved profit from -ve to 9% by optimizing the operations and resources in just one quarter.